Kit for Hire

Available to individuals, small groups and other guides.

Kit included if already booked onto a course.

Walking Ice axeDMM Cirque 50cm and 55cm.


Walking and Climbing cramponsPetzl Vasak. Different binding systems available to fit B1, B2, B3 boots.

The Mamores

Mountaineering helmets (Petzl) and harnesses (DMM, Elderid) also available for hire in child and adult sizes.



£5 per item per day.

Winter Mountaineering Special    –   Axe, Crampons, Helmet and Harness £15 per day.

Terms and Conditions of Hire

  • Pick up and drop off between 7am – 10pm
  • £50 cash deposit upon collection.
  • If items are lost, damaged or broken beyond re-use due to negligence then deposit will be retained.  Items may not need to show visual signs to be warranted as un-usable, i.e. if a helmet receives an impact.
  • Items must be returned upon last day of hire.
  • No smoking or use of corrosive substances around hire items.

Contact call: 07815 688608 or 01397 701363