Ben Nevis survey day 3, North East Buttress

Today myself and Roddy from Midland Valley made our way to the first platform on North East Buttress.  Along the way Roddy wanted to survey the contacts of the different rock types along the way and specifically the joint that occurs just above the first platform.

In summary we found evidence that supported the theory that were was a big pool of water at the base of what is now North East buttress that then filled with rocks to make conglomerate rock and on top of that there was the Allt a Mhuilinn mudstone sedimentary rock.  Then higher up there is the breccia rock made up of ash and debris of volcanic action.  Roddy’s find of the day was a section of rock in the mudstone that had formations which indicated which were the youngest deposits, showing that the rock hadn’t been folded or moved by bigger more recent processes.

mudstone formation

The key mudstone formation, young rocks at the base

Also along the way we found Sibbaldia and Arctic mouse-ear 2 of our rare species that we are looking for on the traverse path in.  However the find for the day was Gordon from the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland finding Curved Wood rush in Corrie Leis; not seen anywhere on Ben Nevis for 40 years.  And also a new area of Highland Saxifrage in the Castle gullies area.

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Arctic mouse-ear

Arctic mouse-ear

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