Day 2 Ben Nevis Survey

I was with Roddy from Midland Valley and Ali from the John Muir Trust today to survey the geology along Tower Ridge.

With interesting contacts between different rock types happening in Observatory Gully before we even had got to the ridge we know it was going to be a successful day.

We made our way along the ridge in good time stopping to take readings with the field move clino app designed from Midland Valley that will go into a big database of readings all over the North Face.  There were interesting readings between the differing rock types all along the ridge which culminated in seeing Andersite rock above tower gap with a layer of gas bubbles along one edge, supporting the view that it was once part of a lava flow on that section of mountain.

Elsewhere on the mountain other teams found new populations of Hairs foot sedge on the Tower Scoop area of Tower Ridge and new populations of Highland Saxifrage around the Raeburn’s easy route area.  So a very successful day all round.

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field move clino

The field move clino app

Tower Gap

Roddy and Ali in Tower Gap

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