Nearly Spring on Ben Nevis

Today I was up with Steve, Lucy and Natalia.  And it was good to finally get the day delivered for Steve and Lucy.  Originally planned for last October, a land slide, subsequent road closure and biblical amounts of rain stopped that effort.  So 6 months on we were on our way up.

A dry day all round but the mountain is still in 2 seasons.  The bottom: warm (ish) and summer like, the top 1/3 defiantly winter still.  With slushy snow that makes the walking a bit easier than solid ice, the visibility is still very poor and there were many people ‘following their noses’ and many others follow them!  Good navigation is still important.

We made it to the top in a good 3.5 hours and then back down again in a total of 6.5 hours, a great day all round and the fitness preparation put in by the guys paid off.

According to the app, we walked 9.5 miles and burned 5000 calories over the walk.  No wonder I can’t stop eating in the evenings!


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