Research on Ben Nevis

Today I was up Ben Nevis with Phillip a cultural geography professor from the Royal Roads University in Canada with the aim to add to his research on the concept of ‘Munro Bagging’ after already going to Skye and the Cairngorms.

It made for a very interesting day discussing the topic and also a very real view of the type and range of people who specifically walk up Ben Nevis.  The temperature was hot in the Glen and got much colder the higher we went as we disappeared into the cloud.  The snow has melted a lot since Sunday and we didn’t need to put crampons on until the end of zig zag 6, where the snow was still slushy and melting.  A big change from the ice from half way up on Sunday.

Phillip filming along the way soon put his camera away and focused on getting to the top, and with some very tired legs made it in 4 hours, although now I think he had wished he had picked a flatter research topic.

A good day all round and back at the car in 7 hours with more interesting conversations about his next proposed topic of ‘Wilderness’, discuss! Maybe he will start in Holland!

Sometimes the reality of the summit of Ben Nevis

Sometimes the reality of the summit of Ben Nevis

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