Sun on Ben Nevis!

So for the second time in a week I got a view from the top of Ben Nevis, there must be something up!

Although it’s not all rosy on Ben Nevis.  I started with 6 people today and very quickly 2 had to pull out due to colds.  Then just after a quarter of the way up another decided to turn around.  It is the way it goes sometimes.  So myself, Ros, Holly and Dan made our way up past the very icy and slippery snow on the Red Burn and then up the zig zags into the snow.  We put crampons on at about zig zag 4, where many people were turning around who were prepared for summer and didn’t have any winter kit, some, decided to continue.

On the firm ice we made steady progress in the still very warm sunshine to the plateaux where the view of the summit drove them on for the last section.  With good views at the top and lots of people, walkers and climbers, there was a buzz about the place.

With a chilly breeze we quickly started our descent down the Red Burn steering clear of the many people sliding around us who hadn’t expected the snow.  The guys did really well for their first winter day out and we got back to the Red Burn in good time.  With tired legs we made the descent of the last half of the mountain in a total of about 8 hours.  A great day all round.

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Enjoying the sunshine on Ben Nevis

Enjoying the sunshine on Ben Nevis

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