Stob Corie nan Lochan

Today was the 1st of 3 days with Richard in the winter hills.  The original plan was to summit Bidean nam Bian but with 100mph winds forecast all day that was out the window.  So we still decided to start the walk up to Stob corie nan Lochan so see how far we would get (sometimes the forecast can be wrong) and to spend a bit of time recapping the winter skills for Richard along the way.

It seemed like a lot of other instructors had the same idea, so there was a small convoy of guided parties making their way up against the gale force winds.  Against the winds we managed to get to 850m on the ridge of Aonach Dubh where we poked our heads over the top, only to be literally pushed back.  So that was our high point and the forecast was correct.

In the corrie we went through good route choice to decrease the risk of entering avalanche terrain and did a few ice axe arrests in extremely testing conditions.  Where we then called it a day and started the walk back down through the now slushy snow and rain that had started at about 700m.

A good reminder for Richard about what Scottish winter is all about.

Richard on Stob corie nan Lochan

Richard on Stob corie nan Lochan


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