Windy Ben Nevis

With a poor forecast I set off with Grant from Tasmania who is on his Scotland tour including going up Ben Nevis.  With an early start we made good progress in strong wind and showers to half way lochan where we entered the snow line.  With a few droopy cornices around the Red Burn and lots of fresh snow around the crossing wasn’t as easy as previous ascents.  Grant is a keen mountain walker in the southern hemisphere and it showed as we reached the edge of the plateaux without too much effort.

The wind was still strong but we were luckily in a lull, so with visibility at zero we made our way to the summit with only a few of the marker cairns just visible.  After a bite to eat we were on our descent within 3.5 hours, in even worse visibility and with the wind picking up lots of hail stones and blowing them into our faces, very painful.

There were very few people on the mountain today, some look well equipped, some didn’t.  Not a day to be on the hill if you are not sure if you have the knowledge.

Ben Nevis Summit

Ben Nevis Summit


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