Forcan Ridge

So after almost 2 weeks of solid storms, 100mph winds and driving rain, temperatures going up and down, snow coming and going, its easy to see why more than a few people think the Highlands are a hard place to live.  But when its good it’s really good!

Myself, James and Craig made our way north to Glen Shiel with the aim to get to the top of The Saddle via the Forcan ridge.  We started the walk in through deep powder and made our way to the start of the ridge with views all around of snowy peaks.

The pictures speak for themselves but the ridge was amazing, a new route for all of us in winter it was a mini adventure.  With a lot of powder lying over everything it was good to break trail along the ridge to try to find the best route.  With a few little tricky steps to negotiate we arrived at the 20m abseil.  But there was still more to come of the ridge with the thinnest section before making the summit.

We all expected a simple rocky ridge with a few harder sections but under these powdery conditions concentration was needed most of the way along with good footwork, you get a lot for your money at the moment.


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