Day 4, Navigation day

With heavy rain overnight pushing the snow level up and with 80mph winds forecast during the day the time and effort taken to try to get in the snow to efficiently cover winter navigation wouldn’t have been useful.

The day was spilt into 2 halves: 1st going through the theory of interpreting map features, contours and applying this knowledge along with the weather and avalanche forecast, to plan a safe route in the hills, taking into account potential snow cover and wind direction.  We then moved onto how to take a bearing.

We then drove up above Fort William to the back of Cow hill where we put this new knowledge into practice.  1st looking at what the ground is doing between point A and B to confirm correct route choice, introducing a catching feature and then walking on a bearing.  After the guys had got the grasp of walking in a straight line we then tried breaking legs down and ‘aiming off’ to get to our end feature.

A great learning day and a good base for them to go off and add to their knowledge in the hills.


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