Stob Corie nan Lochan

Today was a much better weather day and snow day than yesterday.  Myself and the guys from Norwich Uni set off from Glen Coe in dry weather and made good progress into the corie, even with a bit of blue sky travelling overhead.

Once in the corie we covered a lot of skills and discussed a lot of topics to do with: good route choice to minimise the potential for avalanches, the impact of the changing weather on the snow pack and planning and predicting ahead what the conditions may be like, if crampons are needed, getting the axe out in anticipation etc.

We also went through ice axes arrests again, this time on hard ice which made for good progression from yesterday and gave a very real example of what happens when you slip and then stop yourself, you still need to be focused on good footwork, cut some steps and move to safe ground.

We then went through quick ways to test the structure of the snow slope using footsteps and the axe and then went into digging hasty pits in varying locations.  Finally we put crampons on and went through the basics of safe movement, before walking back down.

A very good day and a lot learned.

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