A day for the fish.

With the forecast saying 70 mph winds, torrential rain and 9 degrees, ‘but slightly brighter near Loch Treig’, it was with optimism that I drove to Fersit with 4 students from Norwich Uni.

With the rain just off horizontal and the hillside a marsh, I knew there would be a lot of snow around, all be it in liquid form, falling quickly down hill.  We made the walk in up hill towards Lochan Coire an Lochain below the peak of Stob Coire Sgriodain in the anticipation of snow up high.  After few a few hours we made it to the lochan to find just enough snow for what we needed.  But the guys had already learned a lot about looking after yourself and kit in winter, what works and what adds extra faf.  An invaluable lesion that can only be learned on the hill.

On the snow (hooray) we looked at moving around quite varied snow using our boots to create solid stable steps, the use of an ice axe and the start of ice axe arrests, which always goes down well.  To the point that we had failed to notice a bright spell in the weather shoot overhead.

'I think its getting brighter'

‘I think its getting brighter’


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