Glen Nevis

With the temperature this morning reading 10 degrees and a wet and windy forecast, I had planed for some snow melt overnight.  But there was much more than expected.  With Karisia waking up with a head cold we drove to Steal Falls car park in Glen Nevis and looked at the principles of basic navigation and how to route plan with the snow and avalanche forecast.

After a spectacular walk through steal gorge we made our way round to Steal ruins and then started our ascent up towards Aonach Beag to find some snow.  With Karisia putting a brave face on her cold it was sensible to stay as low as possible to conserve energy.  Making it to the snow line we looked at cutting steps with an ice axe and practiced a few more ice axe arrests.  Along with making Karisia’s first ever snow man (I’m surprised that it took till day 3).

On the way back down we looked a the basics of taking a bearing off big features and relaying them to the map, which will hopefully be of some use whilst driving around the savannah in Kenya.

Overall a good 3 days of winter skills with a lot of varied terrain covered on foot and in crampons and many different aspects of avalanche safety, route choice  and ice axe skills were applied.


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