Corie an t-sneachda

On Saturday I went out with Scott to have a look a few potential new lines in a corrie just east of Creag Meagaidh.  On that day we had to fight to get to the base of the crag due to there being too much soft snow.  Only to find the buttresses covered in fresh powder and loose unfrozen turf, where we made the decision to turn back, still through the deep snow.

Today myself and James went to the Cairngorms due to a better forecast and we were met with very wet slushy snow on the walk in and some very black buttresses.  After pondering what gully/rib line to do we headed for Central Left Hand to get something done.

With 4 pitches between us over mixed ground, frozen turf and some frozen snow we topped out over the very small cornice.  There were 2 other teams in the corie climbing, one on the first pitch of Fluted Buttress Direct, and another on Spiral Gully.  And that was about all there was to go on.

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