Scottish Mixed masters competition

Today was the Dry Tooling competition held at the Ice factor.  Without any training and a few weeks in Fontainebleau my aim was not to come last.  With a good turn out of about 40 climbers there was a buzz around the ice factor, mostly from the sweaty climbers.

With the competition taking the format of trying to get as many points on the 15 routes set, between the ice wall, the climbing wall and the bouldering wall, it was a test of endurance to be able to just hold on by the end of the routes.  The top 5 then went through to the final.

With some tactics needed we worked our way round.  Do you go for the harder routes at the start when you are fresh, or do you leave them to the end and save your energy for the climbs that you are most likely to get maximum points on?

A great day out and a good way to get some pre winter training in (or highlighting that some training would be a good thing).

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The comp in full swing

The comp in full swing

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