Carpe Diem

‘Seize the day’

Today was the day to head up Ben Nevis and help clear up the summit area of any litter left by the long summer of people getting to the top arraigned by The Outdoor Capital of the UK, as not everyone tidies up after themselves.

My half of the deal was to take 3 guys from the college and Bryon up Ledge route to the summit and then help clear it up.  And what a day for it: with blue sky, little wind and virtually the mountain to ourselves and 3 of the guys first time on the mountain, it could only be a good day.

On the way up we chatted about the geology and botany of the mountain and the classic rock and winter climbs around, with a perfect view of the crags it was the best way to inspire the guys for more adventures.

At the top of Carn Dearg we then made our way around the crag rim to join the last part of the main path near the summit, where we defiantly didn’t have the mountain to ourselves now.  With a good job put it by the other teams up Tower Ridge and the CMD arête we did the best we could of tidying up the summit.  Hopefully that will see it through to the winter and end of the main summer season.

Most of the team at the summit.

Most of the team at the summit.



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