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2 and a half days into 2 and a half minutes of footage.

A couple of very interesting days of work on Ben Nevis with the film crew from Channel 5 news.  They had the unique idea of producing a film package from an iconic Scottish image, which turned out to be Ben Nevis.

Monday was an early start at 6.30am with 10 of us setting off: 5 instructors, a cameraman, reporter, producer and 2 guys with a drone camera and a very big, square, black box to be carried up to get the aerial shots.

The plan was to film on the way up, interview us about our views of the referendum, film a piece on the summit, edit back in the car park then go live back on the mountain at 5pm!  Luckily this changed through the day.

With a very cold summit a short piece was filmed after leaving Bob and Rhys with the drone (and box) at half way lochan trying to find a less windy spot to take off.  On the descent the plan then changed to a more feasible plan of film on Monday, go live on Tuesday at 5pm and 6.30pm.

We then spent the remainder of the afternoon by half way lochan with the drone flying very close to our heads, being interviewed and walking backwards and forwards.

With our opinions expressed, angles shot, big black box pack up (with a very small stand and camera) we made our way down.

Myself, Anna and Ali made the final cut and were included with a speaking part with the interviews and Scott and Tristan made good walking extras and kit carriers.

Tuesday was then the unglamorous task of myself, Scott and Ali walking back up with Adam and Peter (cameraman and reporter) to go live from the summit at 5pm and 6.30pm.  Good news for us was the weather was warmer at the summit and Channel 4 (who had the same idea) ended up reporting from Banavie quarry with Ben Nevis in the background.

The film in total

The reason we walked back up on Tuesday

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