Ben Nevis Survey Day 3

Today was all about moving round the mountain with the botany and geology experts on alpine ground looking at potential places to survey and surveying along the way.

I was with Al and Roddy the head of Midland Valley who made the app and who is a very knowledgeable geologist. We made our way from the CIC hut towards the base of Trident buttress and looked at the Ledge route fault line that runs along the base with some interesting deposits of silt alongside volcanic deposits.  Roddy was keen to survey the fault as much as possible so we followed it along onto Ledge route itself and then off the other side in the direction of the Castle area, where we got our first taste of mossy, muddy, loose ground that we will be on a lot.

At the top of Ledge route we dropped down from the plateaux on the way round to number 4 gully surveying the faults in the rock as we went.  With a not so quick descent of No 4. gully looking at the very rare plants along the way like the Highland Saxifrage, Alpine Speedwell and Sibbaldia and then further down Hair foot sedge, which is only found on this one location on Ben Nevis (but hopefully we will find more).

More photos on my facebook page.

This project is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund and The Highland Council.  It is also sponsored by Mammut.

Hair foot sedge

Hair foot sedge


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