Proposal on Ben Nevis!

No not me.  Today I had a request from Steve to deliver a very important item to the top of Ben Nevis.  With plans schemed so that Jo didn’t find out the plan they set off up the mountain with a head start.  At about a quarter of the way up I overtook them with secret nods between myself and Steve.

Probably the only man on the mountain that was getting more and more nervous as he went up we separately made our way up and into the cloud and then onto the summit.  With the prearranged spot for me to leave the ring surrounded by people, mild panic set in.  Luckily the small cairn next to the main summit cairn cleared in time, I claimed my spot, and waited for Steve and Jo.

When they arrived I emptied my pockets of 2 wine glasses and a small bottle of Rioja and the ring and left them on the top.  With Jo wandering towards the magical spot with the guidance of Steve she perfectly stumbled over the surprise.  Steve popped the question and got the right answer.

I’m sure that there is some metaphor for climbing a mountain and marriage but I will leave it open.  With the engagement at the summit we all knew that it was down hill all the way from here!

We then all walked down the mountain together with Jo in shock and Steve quietly satisfied that the plan had come off.  Congratulations all round.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

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