Corie na Tulaich, Glen Coe

Today was the final day of the 5 day Intro to Winter Mountaineering course for Jagged Globe.  This is the day where everything learned and seen is put into practice.  As soon as we parked up we could see our objective at the top of the corrie with a large cornice and steep slope.

We made quick progress into the base of the corrie where there is some large historical avalanche debris which we avoided making our way up.  Soon we were putting crampons and harness on and getting the rope out.  From a rock belay Nicola led up the snow slope and then built a great bucket seat and brought up Emma body belaying.  Emma then took over the lead and headed towards the steeper section of the slope near the top.  When Nicola was with us I then went up the steep slope to the left of the large cornice and onto the plateaux and brought the girls up, a great way to put all the learning in to practice by getting up a grade 1 slope.

After a bit of lunch it was then just the small matter of getting down the slope!  A few steep steps over the edge and they were ‘happily’ making their way down.

A really good day where everyone progressed in their learning, understanding and confidence.

More photos can be seen on the facebook page.

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