Windy Ben Nevis

Today I was taking Sandy and Brendon up Ben Nevis for Lochaber Guides.  With a forecast suggesting rain, 40mph winds with 60mph gusts at the summit I was pleasantly surprised when we entered the cloud at about 1000m to find 40mph winds with 50mph gusts and very painful hail.

We made good time to the Red Burn which is getting softer by the day, and a lot of people have taken to walking up it to avoid the steeper step on the other side.  But this is not advisable at the moment with the heavy snow pack in the gully that is visibly slowly slumping.  With the recent rain and slightly higher temperatures the path edges can almost be seen up to turn 4, if you know what you are looking for but above that it is white all the way and now very hard and icy.

Reaching their limit Sandy and Brendon were pleased to reach the top in a good time of 4 hours completely covered in ice.  Glad to be turning round we made a quick descent and back at the car in another 2.5 hours, not bad for your first winter day.

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