Battle on Ben Nevis

With Scott and Ed we made our way up to the summit of Ben Nevis in the rain and wind.  They were climbing it for Signpost a charity in Watford.  We made quick time up to the Red Burn when the interest really started, with a high almost vertical section of snow to surmount.  Assessing the snow as I went we started a direct line up where the zig zags should have been.  With a few large patches of windslab building we managed to move between islands of safety from rock island to rock island.  The wind was as it was forecast, coming from the east and blowing a lot of snow onto the slope, and in our faces.

Into the cloud at about 900m it was up and up by the compass, where the guys dug deep and we quickly reached the top in 4.5 hours.  It was touch and go in places with the strength of the wind and the snow landing on the slope but we managed it.  With a quick turn around we were back at the car in 3.5 hours.

I can pretty confidently say that we were the only ones to summit today, or to get above the Red burn and it took most of my experience and judgement to do so.

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