Sunny Stob Ban

Today was day 2 of the winter skills course, putting the lesions and knowledge learnt from yesterday into a real journey.  With an improving forecast through the day we started up the corrie towards Stob Ban summit (999m).  On the way in there was large remnants of an avalanche that had looked like it had come of a large crag.

Higher up we recapped step cutting and hasty pits on much firmer snow. It was then a case of moving along the now sunny ridge towards the summit, which was a great experience and learning curve for the guys, having to put into practice all the good footwork and movement skills they had learnt.  After discussing the very prominent cornices we reached the top to great views of the Mamores range.  It was then just a case of walking back down!  With a few steeper and firmer sections the guys were tested but did well.  Just time for a few quick ice axe arrests on the way down and we were soon back at the car.

A great weekend, with a lot covered and really good weather.

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