Beinn Odhar Mhor

With the forecast not looking good with 60 mph winds and heavy rain, I decided to see if ‘west was best’.  We drove to the east end of Loch Eilt with a view of getting to the top of Beinn Odhar Mhor that overlooks Loch Sheil.  We made a quick ascent of the grassy ridge towards Coire a’ Choin Duinn where we got into the soft, heavy, wet snow, different from the wind blown snow from yesterday.

In an appropriate location David went through the different ice axe arrest positions and got them spot on, on a quicker and steeper slope.  We then made our way through the broken rocky ground with the wind increasing but still with some views to the coast and to Glen Finnan.  At the summit of 870m the weather hit us and we quickly made our way down picking up on navigation pointers and winter route choice, whilst taking in the views.

A good day all round despite the poor forecast.

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