Walking with your head up

Today myself and Max had a walk into the north face of Ben Nevis with the view to see how things looked and then pick a route.  It was evident from the walk in to the CIC hut that there was a lot of fresh snow about so we knew our options would be limited.  But being the first climb for each of us for the season we didn’t mind what we aimed for.

Having made our way over the massive avalanche debris coming out of number 5 gully we made our way to the Corie na Ciste lochans where we made the decision that it was not sensible to go higher.  Looking at Jubilee Buttress directly to our right we looked at Jubilee climb as an option, but there looked to be a lot of soft snow on it (much like every thing else).

We made our way up the snow slope towards the base of South Trident Buttress to have a closer look where we were nearly hit by a large wind blown sluff of snow coming from above with a few large chunks of snow mixed in as well, but we managed to jump out the way.

So with not many answers ticking the ‘yes’ box in our heads we eventually headed round and ended up ascending a very banked out Ledge Route, along with Harrogate Mountaineering club.

There was a team high up going well on Pinnacle Buttress of the Tower (I think) on the side of Tower ridge, a team on Tower ridge and South West ridge of the Douglas boulder.

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