Navigation day

Today I was out with 3 of the West Highland College’s first year students on their hill navigation assessment, which is a similar standard to the NNAS bronze award.

We drove down Glen Roy to an area where I have not been before, which is always good and made our way towards Creag Dhubh with great views of the parallel roads.  Whist walking in circles the lads demonstrated the appropriate skills of good navigation: identifying features from the map to the land, walking in a straight line, relocating, taking and walking on a bearing and breaking legs down into smaller chunks.

Towards the end of the day we started to look at the use of timing and pacing and how these skills can be beneficial in many outdoor sports.

The lower slopes of Creag Dhubh

The lower slopes of Creag Dhubh

Any ideas on which ground nesting bird?

Any ideas on which ground nesting bird?

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