Near serenity on Ben Nevis

Today I was walking up Ben Nevis for Maximum Adventure with a group of 8 ladies and Andy.  The ladies all had a very familiar accent and soon found out that they were all midwife’s from Medway hospital (where I grew up and was born), how random is that!

We started early in the torrential rain just after 7am still in the dark.  Soon after one lady had to pull out due to a chest infection so we carried on with 7.  After about an hour the rain let up and the clouds cleared to a deserted mountain path, with only us walking.  After 2 hours and with some views we were at the Red Burn and making our way into the cloud for the summit which we made in just over 3.5 hours.

The summit was near deserted but for 2 people and we had only passed about 20 people on the way up (low for Ben Nevis).  The summit and the path were looking clean after the recent litter pick last weekend to clear the track of all the rubbish that people seem not to have the energy to carry down.

After a quick turn around we started down and emerged out of the cloud to bright sunshine for the rest of the way down with only about 100 people on the path. Total time 7 hours.


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