Lakes weekend

Over the last weekend I have been catching up with old friends, Dan and Phil from Uni and newer friends Phil and Harry.

On Saturday afternoon the 3 of us took a gentle stroll in the strong cold wind up to Crinkle Crags in Langdale with great views to Scafell and the Langdale peaks, catching up the whole way round.  A good way to start the weekend.

On Sunday in equally strong winds we set off for the Old Man of Coniston.  We started from the higher car park at about 200m and headed for the near hump of The Bell with its grade 1 scramble of about 150m.  We pleasantly made our way up and wondered round to the base of Low water beck to start the next grade 3 scramble past the copper mines.  This scramble was right next to the beck and I wouldn’t want to do it in any wetter conditions.  With a few short sections of climbing past the cascade we were onto the dryer rocks on the right hand side of the beck and made our way over the clean broken rocks.

After a leisurely lunch break at Low water beneath the Old Man, we made our way round the water to the final grade 2 scramble to the top of Brim fell.  This section from the bottom looked very broken but the scrambling sections were the best of the day.  Soon we were on the broad ridge making our way to the summit with views to the coast and Dow crag.  After a quick decent down the south path we managed to finish the day without really bumping into another person.

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