Windy day on Ben Nevis

Far from the weather I had last Saturday on Ben Nevis, today was very wet and very windy.  Myself and Dave were taking a group of 16 up for Maximum Adventure for Diabetes UK, who are trying to complete the 3 peaks in 3 days; maybe with the view to take in the views!  We managed to get away without waterproofs until half way lochan until the rain and wind started, from then on it was heads down and your world inside your hood.

We made the Red Burn in 2 hours and then started into the cloud and up the zig zags.  By this point there were some tired legs around and the temperature was dropping and the wind increasing.  By 3.5 hours were at the start of the plateaux where myself and Dave were taking it as it comes with the wind increasing ready to turn round if needed.  However we got a weather window and made it to the summit in 4 hours.

We turned and quickly started our descent as the wind picked up to its forecast 50pmh.  We popped out of the cloud again at half way lochan and made it back to the Ben Nevis Inn in 7 hours.

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