Ben Nevis

My day started at 7.30am guiding a group of 11 from Fulham FC up Ben Nevis for the first of their 3 peaks challenge.  The group made very good time getting to the top in 3 hours and Sam getting to the top 20 minutes later.  The group then made even better time getting back down, most making it back in 2 hours and the last coming in just under 3 hours.  Making for a 6 hour round trip which will put them in a good position for the other 2 peaks.

The weather was warm and sunny the whole way up and down with a small bit of cloud cover near the summit which was welcomed.  The team raised over £5000 on this event for ShootingstarChase hospice, and over the year over £100,000 through Fulham FC.

There were 2 new things that I saw walking up Ben Nevis: the first was a man walking down in very funky boxers, and the other was a team pushing a motor bike up the path, aiming for the summit for Kirsty’s Kids charity. I thought I had seen it all.

Getting back at the car park at 2pm my day was/is not over with an afternoon canoe session at Outward Bound just completed and a quick jump in a gorge this evening.  A packed day.

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