Lots of rock on the Buachaille

Today I was out with Mike and Andy, Claire’s cousins as they were up for a family holiday near Loch Lomond.  We met at the Buachaille Etive Mor car park and quickly made our way around to the base of North Buttress (Mod 300m).  With a good bit of short roping practice for me up about 400m of grade 2/3 scrambling ground we were soon at the base of the route.

We then got the other rope out of the bag and started to climb in series, with myself leading up first, followed by Mike who then built his own belays and then brought Andy up on ‘their’ climbing rope.  The guys climbed the route without difficulty and a lot of teaching was done: with various belay setups, how to clip your second into those belays, how to avoid tangles and clove hitches being tied all over the place.  After 6 pitches we got to the top of the route.  Just the last 300m or so of scrambling to the summit of Stob Dearg at 1022m.

After a few moments to look at the 360 degree views we made our way down, Curved ridge (mod 240m).  The guys quickly got the hang of down climbing, a skill in itself towards Crowberry tower.  We made our way steadily down Curved ridge and were quickly at the base of Rannoch wall.  Just the short walk back to the car.  A good day out with just under 1000m on the rock, and not a drop of rain!

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