MIA refresher day

Today I was out with Alan Halewood and his 2 clients, observing on an MIA refresher day.  We started on Scimitar ridge, a place I know well through my work with Outward Bound.  But it was good to see it at a different angle: being short roped up and down and seeing the safety aspects involved with 2 clients instead of 12 teenagers.

The afternoon was spent on teaching climbing and climbing systems to eliminate rope tangle.  Starting on Pinnacle Ridge (severe 4a), a popular climb in the glen, we climbed in parallel looking at how to organise the belay and a tried and tested way of not getting the ropes tangled.  We then moved onto Three Pines Variation (VDiff) for a bit of teaching climbing, this time climbing in series.  After, was another pitch on Right Wall (VDiff) a good route with a lot of climbing moves for the grade and a cheeky finish.

A good sunny day all round and as always lots of very good information and handy hints and tips.

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