Glen Gour mini adventure

Today myself and Craig gave ourselves the best chance of the sunny weather by having a mini triathlon into Glen Gour across from the Corran ferry.  We cycled 4km into the glen walked 1km to the base of the crag, the Indian Slabs, climbed 2 routes, 5 pitches each 400m of climbing.  Then walked out 1km to the bikes and cycled out.

If you like slab climbing and want a remote area then this is the place to come, on a bank holiday weekend we didn’t see another person.  We climbed Time Lord, VS 4c 2 stars first and then moved on to Mullennium Direct, Severe 4a 3 stars.  There wasn’t any difference between the routes in terms of the gear that was available but there was a 4b move on the first pitch of Time Lord and the 3rd pitch is the crux at 4b.

Accepting that the pitches are run out is the best approach.  I think on my 6 pitches I led I maybe placed about 10 bits of gear, and the 3rd pitch on Mullennium Direct I got 1.5 cams at the end of the 50m pitch, which became the belay! 60 meter ropes are definitely worth it, small selection of nuts and a range of cams is useful and only about 4 quickdraws.

I will let the photos speak for them selves but a very good day and 2 very good routes.

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