Ben Nevis

I was up Ben Nevis for a 4th Saturday in a row for Maximum Adventure.  With a dry forecast the group of 21 started their way up at 8am at the start of their 3 peaks challenge.  There were not many others on the path that early so we almost had the tack to ourselves.  We were right on time at the Red Burn in 1.5 hours and continued on.

At about 1050m the snow cover was uniform, very slippery and slushy.  At 1100m the decision was made that 2 would turn round due to injuries and poor fitting boots, the other 19 carried on.  The wind picked up and the cloud was down, it still feels like winter up there, apart from the warm temperatures.  The final leg across the plateaux and round Gardyloo Gully was tricky in the 50mph gusts but it meant that we got views at the summit of the north face, 3.45hrs to the top.

The group made swift progress on the way down and we were all back in the car park in 6.5 hours, an ok time for them to continue their challenge.

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