Glen Nevis

Myself, Anna and Paul made the short journey down Glen Nevis to get on the rock.  With light rain falling we headed up to the Alp area and onto Right Wall on Styx Buttress where I got Anna and Paul ‘leading’ with the protection of a rope above that I had put up before.  The wind and rain suddenly picked up halfway up the route and all of us got very cold and lost the feeling in our fingers.  By the top the rain had past and the temperature rose again.

We moved onto the Gutter climb, a popular route in the Glen.  I went up and secured a fixed line that I then abseiled down on and Anna and Paul then swung leads climbing the route, whilst I was moving up the other rope giving hints and tips along the way and explaining about belays. Half way up the route the rock was almost dry, which none of us

expected today.  We all then ab’ed off the Pine tree at the top and made our way back to the car, a good half a day climbing in not the best weather.

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