Glen Nevis

Today was a handy MIA day for me and a first day out on the rock for Anna in a while.  Myself, Anna and Claire went down Glen Nevis and with light rain falling we made our way up to the Gutter, a classic and well used climb in the glen and one that we had all done before.  Anna wants to get back into climbing again to pass her SPA assessment at the end of the year, so we spent the day climbing in series: myself climbing first, setting a belay and then bringing Anna up, who was seconding but practicing leading.  When when she got to each of my belays she made her own and used the second rope between her and Claire as though they were climbing as a pair, then brought Claire up.

I think we made the climb into about 5 pitches and an abseil back down again.  A good day out and the rain ended up holding off.

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