Out west is best

With the wind forecast to be 90 mph at 900m, the decision was made to stay low and retreat away from the big Ben Nevis range and go out west, where hopefully the easterly wind would be lower.  This enabled us to work on Aluns navigation and get it up to speed for when he next heads out into the Welsh winter.

We walked up the forestry track into Glen Dubhlighe and used this opportunity to focus on pacing and timing to aid navigation when following a bearing.  We then cut out of the forest and onto the slopes by Lochan na Carnaich overlooking Glenfinnan.  There are many features around the broad ridge and lochan to practice and test walking on a bearing, pacing and timing, whist not going to high.  We also looked at navigation techniques to help find the point you are trying to make by ‘aiming off’ and using a ‘catching feature’ like a mental net if you walk too far.

Even though we didn’t get above 300m the wind was still icy cold and blew us around for most of the time we were on the ridge.  Through the day Alun became more and more accurate with his bearings and naturally adopted the rhythm of taking a bearing, measuring the distance and mentally going through what the terrain will do whilst walking from A to B.

A good choice of time, given the weather and good consolidation at the end of the 3 day winter skills course.

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