Aonach Mor, Tunnel Vision

Today was a semi rest day climbing on Aonach Mor.  Gondola and chair lift up, walk up 300m, 3 ab’s down the buttress, walk 50 meters along the base, climb out 2 pitches and walk 1/2 km back down to the Gondola station.

With bright, warm sunshine all day, myself Mat and Dennis could have climbed almost in summer kit.  With the crag facing east it catches a lot of sun, so only the deeper gullies in the shade have kept any good ice, as the rest was quickly melting away.

At the base of Tunnel Vision Mat led up the grade 2 first pitch and set a belay below the steepenings.  Dennis then led through the left hand variation top pitch which had 2 steep sections of ice, which was mostly good for placements but average for screws, but there was a few pieces of rock protection around as well.  The first steepening was vertical ice for about 5 meters and the second involved a short chimney with poor ice in the back so a bit of bridging was needed.  Then there was the small matter of the steep cornice to get over, which took some digging by Dennis.

All in a very relaxed day in the sun.

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