Beinn a’ Chaorainn

With the forecast predicting strong easterly winds, myself, Craig and Graham thought it would be a good idea to head up an east facing thin ridge further east, at least there wouldn’t be much powder snow.

We headed for the east ridge of Beinn a’ Chaorainn just next to Creag Meagidh situated a bit further east.  I had been up this route a good few years ago but since then there has been a lot of tree fall in the forest on the approach.  So after finding the right fire break, we missed the next and ended up forcing our way through the tightly packed trees to the upper track.  It’s the first time that ive thought about putting my goggles on in a forest.

On the track we made quick progress round to the base of the east face and made our way up to the base of the ridge itself.  There wasn’t much snow at all on the ridge and the rock was very black and clear, so we decided to add some enjoyment and take the most direct line over the rock, rather than walking round.  Nearer the top of the ridge at about 900m there was a small build up of rime ice, but the turf wasn’t any where near frozen.  With a few trickier steps dispatched we were on the summit, just with the old snow pack in places and a bit of powder snow around.

A quick few navigation legs later in the cloud and we were nearly back down on the track and making our way back to the cars (this time finding the right path).

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