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Today I was back up the Zig Zags in Glen Coe, but what a difference 24 hours make.  With about 2 inches of fresh snow lying over everything it was very different to Thursday.  I was also with Mat, Freda and Sean.  I had Freda on a rope as we went up the Zig Zags so I could practice MIA short roping and it turned out to be trickier than a few days ago.  Having to dig out the hand and foot holds and spikes it was definitely winter.

We topped out, with the snow still falling, and made our way along Gearr Aonach with lots of fresh snow.  We then made our way up the east ridge to the summit of Stob Coire nan Lochan where we found some interest in the rocky steps and a small hole!  From the summit we made our way round to Bidean nam Bian and then on to the col before Stob Coire Sgreamhach where we dropped into the Lost valley, with the snow still falling.  The edge was covered in powder snow with a hard base but there wasn’t any risk of avalanche with the light winds as the snow had stayed where it landed.

A good long day with lots of snow.

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