2 Good Fridays

Today was a sociable day up the Ben.  Myself, Scott, Graham and Craig all made our way up to Good Friday Climb.  On the way up we passed a few very large groups heading up as well.  We only had one party in front of us, so there was a bit of waiting around but the temperatures were not very cold.  With it only just snowing at the base of the route Scott and Craig headed up and myself and Graham then followed.

The crux pitch was good and solid with good ice screw placements.  In our 2 pairs we then headed over to the last pitch of Indicator right hand where the ice looked well-formed and was solid, again with good placements.  The pitch probably went at a high grade 3 at the moment.

There is a fresh dusting of snow around and it was snowing for most of the day higher up, but the buttress are still very black underneath with not much rime ice at all.  What ice there is though is very good and solid, just needs to grow a bit more.

Tower scoop saw a few ascents but didn’t looked formed, Tower ridge, Number 2 gully, Number 3 gully buttress and maybe Green gully (looks very thin) saw ascents today as well.

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