There is winter somewhere.

With my first day off after getting back from Spain, I was keen to head out to see what the winter conditions were like for myself.  With seeing others reports and photos, I knew there wouldn’t be much but was happy to stretch my legs.

Myself and Craig headed up from the North face car park to the CIC hut to see a fresh dusting of snow on the buttresses, no rime ice anywhere and old snow in the major gullies.  We decided to head up towards Number 2 gully to see what the snow was like and we were pleasantly surprised to find it very compact (due to the recent rain and high temperatures) and solid.

We put crampons on at the base of the gully and made our way up with the buttresses high above us on both sides, where we bumped into Adam guiding a pair up.  The cornice at the top was small on the left hand side and very solid, even though there was a lot of  water running off the rock on the way up the gully.  We then made our way around to Number 4 gully and made a swift decent back to the CIC hut and we were back at the car in 2.5 hours from topping out.

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