Plan B?

Today was making the most out of the weather.  With aspirations to get on a good route in Glen Coe, it was obvious yesterday that with the 3 days of warm and wet weather that it wasn’t going to happen.  So plans were made to head up Curved ridge, a classic that I have still yet to do in winter, but I have been up and down it many times in summer.

So as we arrived this morning at the car park, it was evident that there wasn’t going to be much winter on the route at all, with freezing levels above the summits.  So Graham and his dad were still keen to head up for a ‘summer’ type ascent to get something done, and Craig went as well.  Wanting to do the route in actual winter conditions, I was happy to stretch my legs and headed up the corrie with John, who had not been to the summit of Stob Dearg.

With the snow very saturated all the way to the summit, I was surprised to see at the back of Coire na Tulaich snow being blown around by the strong winds.  As we reached the top of the corrie the gusts moved us around a bit and the snow firmed up.  After about 2 hours we reached the summit to some good views south to the Black mountains.  And an hour later we were back down at the car.

In the long-term the weather will be good for the conditions, putting down a good base and neve in the cracks and on the buttresses.  It still only early December.

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