Stob Ban

With the weather looking fine and having the day off between evening shifts, Craig and myself headed for a day in the hills.  With a time limit we headed down Glen Nevis with the view of heading up the north ridge of Stob Ban.

About 100m above the car we popped out of the cloud inversion to blue sky and white mountains.  We made our way up the steep slopes to the base of the short rocky ridge.  With lots of powder snow around the going was hard, but the views made up of the effort.  Quickly along the rocky section we just had to make our way along the knife-edge snow ridge which was made harder by waist deep snow.

We were soon on the summit of Stob Ban and then made our way down the east ridge, with more trail breaking in the deep powder.  About an hour and a half later and with a few snow flurries falling we were nearly back at the car.

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