Laraig Mhor 22km

So another Sunday and another race, this one a bit longer though.  Starting at Mamore lodge just above Kinlochleven and heading along the West Highland Way and eventually down into Glen Nevis and then the Leisure centre.

With only deciding an hour before that I was going to do it we rushed out the door and drove down.  I didn’t feel great on the start line with a slight twinge on my lower back and only being up for an hour.

And we were off, with slight drizzle falling and a cold wind, it was exposed heading along the land rover track.  I knew I had to pace myself and settled into a rhythm as best as I could with the cold wind and loose stones under foot.  I was keeping up with the first lady being closely followed by the second, and we stuck together for most of the first half.

I reached halfway in 57 minutes and took some jelly babies and a cup of juice.  Where I found myself running along trying not to spill it and then had a cup to carry for the rest of the way.  Into the woods I pulled away slightly from the 1st lady and went over the undulations untill we popped out by the fort looking down into Glen Nevis and Fort William.  Just the long decent to go.  But the first lady overtook me by taking a short cut on one of the corners and ended up about 20 second in front, where she continued to slowly pull away.

By the time I reached the flat in the Glen it was a case of getting to the end, which was a bit of a grind for the last couple of km.  In I rolled at 1 hour 54 minutes, knackered.  But in 10th place and pleased to get under 2hrs, not quiet sure how I managed it.  A few stretches later and it was all over again.

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