Drum Fada 10km

Yesterday I entered my first hill race, the Drum Fada 10km.  I knew the course well with it starting at Outward Bound, heading up about 300m up the hill then traversing along to come down near Corpach.  I set myself a target of about an 1hr to complete it.  But after the first 5 minutes I was in the top 10 heading up the hill and in 19 minutes I was on the traverse forestry track in 7th place.

Trying to finish in the top 10 I pushed on along the flat for a few km trying to get some distance between the person chasing me.  But slowly a runner was catching up and after about another 1km he was next to me at the ford crossing and slowly moved ahead.  I settled for 8th, not really expecting it, when on the down hill I could see the next 4 places not to far in front, so I push as much as my legs would alow with about 3km to go. 

Then the Bunting bumps came.  A turn off right over the moorland that adds on another 2km over rough and boggy ground that saps your legs at the end of the race.  After a few near misses with the bog I was back on the final 100m to the finish, coming in 8th in 54.04 minutes, 8 minutes behind the leader.

Not bad for a first go and without any training, but a complete surprise and a good turnout with about 80 people starting.


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