Scafell Pike

Yesterday I was working for Lake District Walker taking James up Scafell Pike via the Corridor route.  We set off from Seathwaite in the sun and made our way towards Styhead tarn at the base of Great Gable.  From here we could see our route ahead, winding its way through the rocky outcrops to the summit.  Along the way we looked at a few basic map work skills focusing upon mentally planning the route ahead and what sort of ground you should be travelling across using tick features, identifying catching features that can be easily identified if you travel too far and identifying features on the map to the ground and vise versa.

Before we knew it we were at the summit in just about clear conditions, not bad for your second summit.  As soon as we started to head down the heavens opened and the temperature dropped as we made our way past Ill crag and Broad crag to Great End.  As soon as we dropped down the rain stopped and the temperature rose to a comfortable level again.  We then made our way down Grains Gill by Sprinkling tarn which is a very scenic way to descend and makes for a good round back to the car.  All in all a good day.

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