AMI Short Roping

Today I was out with Alan Halewood and 3 other MIA trainees on an AMI short roping workshop.  This workshop is offered to look at the key elements of taking people on mountaineering days, where you are scrambling up mountain routes and how to manage 2 people on the end of the rope over varying terrain.  The techniques used in short roping 2 people up mountain scrambles rely heavily on personal judgement, experience, the ground you are covering and the people on the end of the rope.  As the types of ground that can be covered can be from grade 1 rocky steps all the way up to big mountain routes like Tower ridge on the Ben and the Skye Ridge, and anything in between.

We headed into Buachaille Etive Mor in Glen Coe and onto Langangarbh Buttress, the first buttress that you get to on the walk in.  We made our way up swapping who was leading and discussing belays, taking in rope coils and body belaying.  And then we did it all in decent as well, which takes very different judgement.

All in all a very good and worth while day where lots of questions got answered.

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