Castle ridge

Today I was up the Ben on Castle ridge, the first ridge that you get to when walking in up to the North face.  I was with Max and Matt with an Outward Bound Classic group as part of their 3 week course.

We started in hot sunshine and made our way up to the base of the ridge in good time, starting climbing at 12pm.  After practicing how to take gear out and manage the rope, Forsca and Murry got the hang of climbing and being short roped up.  By 2pm we were at the crux corner which they over came in good style, obviously pushing themselves.  And by 3pm all 10 of us were on the top having a snack.

With the thunder clouds rolling around us we made our way down the scree slope to Half way Lochan, where one of the girls went over on her ankle.  From this point we understandably moved very slowly and at half way lochan the decision was made that it would be better for her ankle and quicker if I gave her a piggy back and Max took my bag, with Matt taking the ropes and gear.  We were back at the bus by 6.30pm.

A good day out on the ridge and good endurance shown by the group.

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