Sour Milk Gill

Today with the weather looking bright I headed down to Seathwaite in Borrowdale for some scrambling with Claire and Fiona.  With a surprisingly small number of cars parked up we left the farm and then instantly hit the Gill and started scrambling over the boulders next to the stream.

Gill scrambling is trying to stay as close to the stream as possible without getting to wet while climbing over rocky steps and boulders.  It makes for a good way of getting up to the top of peaks without having to plod up a big path.

After about 100m we roped up and carried on up crossing boulders and steeper rock steps, with a few traverses above some clear but cold pools.  Heading up we left the main course and scrambled over rocks that were a bit dryer and then headed passed a few cascades and to the final section.  At the top is a big waterfall with a scramble up a rib to the left which is very dramatic.

Once in the hanging valley we had a bite to eat and then headed over to the Upper slabs and did a few easy pitches to the top on very grippy rock.  Then the weather started to close in and with my energy levels low due to the last few weeks we decided that tea and cake in Grange was a better option than heading onto Raven Crag.

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